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Founder of Satyamani
Dr. Anoop Aggarwal

Dr. Anoop Agarwal had been working since 1976 in the field of studying and research of assuring the highest quality and vibration on gems and healing crystals. During his journey from worldly affairs to spirituality , went across through many tough time. Had got the opportunity to learn meditation, numerology, music, reiki etc. But the most important aspect was that could able to understand and crack the answer of Who Am I ?

Dr. Agarwal has a distinguished professional career. He is a gifted intuitive, healer and Crystal Therapy expert. A leader in the human consciousness transformation movement, Dr. Agarwal is committed to helping humankind embrace the positive possibilities of change.

At Satyamani, Dr. Agarwal is responsible for the advancement and effective implementation of the company's internal governance policies and plans. He has management oversight for Ethics and Business Conduct; Business Development and, multi-channel retailing, which includes utilizing various platforms to market and sell products and services. Working with clients around the globe, he offers clarity and healing on important life issues, from emotional well-being, relationships, health, and finances, to soul purpose and career questions. With a lifelong devotion to spiritual development, along with a successful background in alternative healing techniques and psychology, Dr. Agarwal provides an innovative approach to inspired living.

He has authored more than 30 publications in the areas of Crystal Therapy, Aura Analysis, Well-Being, Mind, Body and Spirit and Positive life balance. As a change expert, Dr. Agarwal has an extensive background working with entrepreneurs of global organizations. He has a passion for working with crystals. Besides using them for healing purposes, he enjoys discovering innovative ways that they can enhance his everyday life.

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