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Detail for numerology diamond reading

Detail For Numerology Diamond Reading

Thrive as you rise above personal challenges with this special Numerology reading arranged in the shape of a diamond

This extraordinary Numerology reading from Dr. Anoop Agarwal employs one of the most powerful devices in Numerology. It takes your personal numbers and arranges them in the shape of a diamond to give a clear reflection of the interaction between your spiritual and physical selves. Based on the oldest and most secret of Kabbalistic number techniques, this report focuses on you within the context of humanity's role as the link between heaven and earth, and offers ways to work on your karma for any year of your life.

Your Life Path

All about it: Your life path number shows you the talents, opportunities and abilities that are natural to and inherent within you. Your life is a path that you walk through. This is the nature of your path. This, along with your purpose as shown below, is where your highest vocational and career possibilities lie, supported by the flow of life. It is where, with a little training, you will naturally excel. It shows you where life has unique opportunities stored in waiting for you.

You came into this world to accomplish a certain mission. Some people think that they did not choose to be born. Your soul/spirit is eternal, existing before your 'birth' here and after your 'death' here. And it is awake, making choices. It definitely made the choice to come here, and for a specific reason. It chose the appropriate situations and energy configurations to accomplish such a reason.

Your life path and destiny/purpose numbers indicate to your where you would find excellence and success in the most natural ways, fully supported by your soul's reason to come here and the energy configuration it built up for that

Your Destiny and Purpose

All about it: Your destiny number shows you what your purpose in life is, where you can find fulfillment that allows your soul to grow to its fullest potential. By living in line with your supported purpose, your success and happiness is easily achieved.

The destiny number shows you what your soul's growth goals are on the whole. Your life will be filled with opportunities and resources to help you achieve these goals, to strengthen the positive vibrations of the energies represented by this number, and to transform the negative vibrations of this number to positive ones. Your soul decided to come here to experience and transform the energies represented by this number.

All that we do, as human beings, is create experiences. That is all we do all day. Our lives are simply all about experiences. And what we experience is energy in motion, e-motions, emotions. That is all an experience is, a set of emotions (energy in motion) of a certain quality. Whether you are at work, in love, playing sports, sick or whatever else, it is all e-motion. Even when you work to buy a house so that you are not homeless, you are doing it motivated by emotion and to enjoy or avoid a certain emotion.

Your destiny number reflects on the set of emotions your soul mostly came to experience, and from that experience, strengthen them by raising the vibration (happens when you live from a higher perspective) or weaken them by lowering the vibration (happens when you live from an ego perspective). For best results, look for a career or vocation that is in line with your destiny number.

Your Soul Desire

All about it: Your soul number shows you where your heart's desire lies. This is what your soul longs for and seeks. It is what it desires and loves best, so to speak. It is the soul food it needs and values.

Your soul will tend to resonate with things and places that show it more of what it desires and how to get it. You will often observe that in your own life you seem to be highly attracted by people and things that embody the powers of the energies represented by your soul's desires as indicated by this number.

The key thing to know is this: follow your heart's desires. Let it lead you. It knows where to, even if you may doubt. Resisting this deepest desire will tend to leave you weak and unfulfilled. You always have a choice to do as you wish, but of course your choice will either be with or against the flow of your soul, and so will the results and how they feel.

Your Personality

All about it: This number shows you how other people see you. This is the impression that you give other people about yourself. It is your interface to the world. Remember, this is just what people see you as. It is not the complete picture of who you are.

People may not see your heart's desire, your purpose, your life path, and so many other things. What they will tend to see is what this number indicates. The other numbers indicate your internal image, while this one indicates your external image, which is just a small portion of your internal image.

When using the information about this number, remember it is simply what other people see you as, what they interpret you to be. You can therefore use this information to adjust how you 'connect' with others.

Your Future: There is a time for everything

As you know, everything in nature has its own cycle. Each mineral, plant and animal start its growth in certain seasons particular to it, matures in its own season, harvests in yet another certain season, and completes in a certain season. You, too, have your own 'seasons', although you may have lived your life as if you did not.

What happens when you plant seeds in a field in the wrong season? You get poor crop. You get crop, but poor crop. The same thing happens when you are doing something when the time is not right in your life. There is a time for everything. A time to birth and a time to release, a time to sow and a time to reap, a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to play and a time to rest. Learn your natural seasons, live along them, and things will be a lot easier and successful for you. When it is time for you to develop certain characteristics and overcome certain challenges, focus on that. Understand that the material world is merely an effect of your internal world. Your money, health and relationship situations simply reflect the condition of the various energies that are moving within you at the time. Therefore, see what these energies are in the charts below, and work on them and you will see that your external world will become successful.

And remember, within a season, there are sub seasons. And within a sub-season, there are even smaller sub-seasons. For example, within a lifetime, there are 28-year cycles (approximately, depending on your particular calculations). Within 28-year cycles there 9-year cycles. And it goes on all the way to personal months and days. The smaller the cycle, the more subtle it is. You can definitely feel your whole life. And even feeling the energies of a personal year is easy enough. But it takes presence and awareness to feel the energies of smaller cycles such as personal days. The more aware and present you are, the more you will feel them and therefore be able to live in harmony with them.

See how the various cycles below fit into each other in your life. See how your personal days fit with the overall theme of your personal month. See how that month fits in with the overall theme of your major cycles. See how they all fit in with your pinnacles and challenges. Then see how all that fits in with your life path, destiny and the other information about your self that we have already looked at. It is all connected. You may wish to look at how your life was in your past by looking at all the cycles that were present then. Consider how much better you would have done if you had this cycle information then, and you will know how to use it now and in the future to grow faster and more successfully with less errors.

Predictive Indicators: Personal Years, Months and Days

All about it: Personal year numbers tell you what energies are specifically available to you each year. By living in line with those energies, you can have the best result and prepare for or avoid difficulties that may be coming. Again, like with the other predictive numbers, this lets you live by the ancient truth that 'there is a time for everything'.

A personal year starts in January. Your life moves in cycles of approximately 9 years. Each cycle has 9 years. When reading your personal year information, consider it along with your major cycle, pinnacle and challenge information for that particular year (You will be in different pinnacles and challenges during each 9 year cycle. For example, year 5 in this cycle will have different pinnacles and challenges from year 5 in your last or next 9 year cycle.).

Your Names

All about it: For centuries, people have known that names carry a far higher effect and meaning than we can imagine. Even in the past, whenever a person because crowned as a new king, queen, Caesar, sage, ascended master, spiritual teacher, or whatever, they changed their name. The name reflects the energy combination of the person.

And yes, you can have a name that is unsuitable for your life or career or goals. And yes, you can run out of the purpose of your name and require a new name. Actors and media people know this (deliberately or intutively). Business titans know this. Many, many leaders changes their names over the years and that change coincided with a change in their lives (e.g. Andy Grove of Intel, Aristotle Onassis (Greek shipping magnate), Jesus Christ (Jeshua Ben Joseph), the Buddha (Siddartha Gautama), Bill Clinton, and so on).

The point is, names, like all words, carry their own vibration. They are living things, only of a higher frequency than matter, which is the only reason you cannot 'see' them. Now here are the energies embodied by your names.

The first vowel in your name shows you what your natural approach to life is. This is the approach that feels most natural to your soul, as it is that which the soul entered with. In a sense, you can say that this indicates the type of spiritual approach you have to life.

Your Birthday

All about it: Your soul chose a day to incarnate (be born here) that resonates with its general nature. Your birthday nature usually has its highest influence in your life when you are between the ages 28 and 56, approximately. This is when your individuality is at its highest. Before that you are still largely in a formative phase and after that you are more impersonal, becoming more universal rather than personal.

Summary: Your soul chose a day to incarnate (be born here) that resonates with its general nature. Your birthday nature usually has its highest influence in your life when you are between the ages 28 and 56, approximately.

The challenges indicate the nature you can assume when you live from an ego perspective (fear and separation) while the powers and possibilities show the nature you have when you live from a higher perspective of love and oneness.

Short Report: This report consist of your basic nature, Lucky color, Lucky number, lucky stone and date wise effect.

(CHARGES RS. 2,100/-)

Comprehensive Report: This report consist of future prediction for next seven years along with all features as above.

(CHARGES RS. 1,100/-)


Detail for numerology diamond reading

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